West Side Fabricating and Machining, Inc. is committed to proving its customers with the highest quality fabrications and machining at competitive prices reflective of the changing manufacturing environment in the United States.Our customers include the automotive industry,military and various other industrial commodities.Our goal is to develop an excellent relationship with each customer supported by reliability and a developed reputation for being the best in the business.

Core Competencies-

West Side Fabricating and Machining,Inc. possesses an extremely high proficiency for welding various types of material, including both common and exotic,utilizing and experienced staff of certified welders.Our manufacturing facility allows us to handle large fabrications with work handling capabilities of up to 25' in height.West Side Fabricating and Machining,Inc. has cutting capabilities of 96"x240"x5" thick.

Recently acquired a CNC Plasma machine to compliment our other equipment.

Our machining capabilities include nc-blocks,brackets and machine tool details.

One of our greatest assets is our ability to manage work with short lead times and provide it to our customers accurately and efficiently.

Target Markets-

We are a good fit for any large platform assembly or transfer line manufacturer.Other targeted customers include those that supply frames,racks,structural supports and for military applications.